Tom, the toaster and Lolly, the ice cream

It was a cold evening, but Tom decided to go to his friend’s party on the beach anyway. In fact, as there was a lot of dancing going on, no one felt cold at all. On the contrary, from time to time, someone would need to stop and sit, to refresh a bit. One girl in particular, would do it more often than the others. Tom noticed her and thought she was the prettiest girl in the party, so he decided to go and talk to her.

“Hello, I’m Tom”, he said.

“Hi, I’m Lolly”.

“Would you like to dance?”

“Sorry, but I’m melting! I need some rest for now”.

“What about a slow wander on the beach then?”

“OK, that sounds good”.

They walked and chatted and chatted, “What a nice guy!”, Lolly thought. And chatted and chatted, “What a lovely girl!”, Tom thought. They chatted all night long until dawn was coming and they had to go, but arranged to meet again.

Tom and Lolly started going out and they enjoyed being with each other so much, that they soon decided to get married. But now they had a problem: Tom, as a toaster, preferred warm weather, while Lolly, as an ice cream, couldn’t stand the heat. Where would they live?

“I have a nice flat in the freezer”, she said.

“But it is too cold, and there is no work for me in the freezer!”, Tom answered.

They couldn’t agree on where to live, so they split up, but the truth was that they really missed each other.

Lolly, who was a writer, wrote a poem for Tom:

“Beside you my heart used to gallop,
now it can only lollop.
My head aches, but I don’t need paracetamol,
I need your shoulder upon which to loll.”

Tom was deeply touched by the poem. “That’s it”, he thought, “I only need a heavy coat and heavy blankets. And I can go out to work everyday!”

He proposed to Lolly, they got married and lived happily ever after in the freezer. Of course Tom needs to cool down after work, before coming back home, so they usually meet at the beach for a stroll. But they don’t stay for too long, to avoid silly children having silly ideas when they see Lolly…


Illustrated by Aimee Dolich

The illustrator, by herself:

Aimee is a dreamer and illustrator living in Lawrence, Kansas, USA. She thinks the British word “lolly” is much prettier than the American word “popsicle”.