The life and adventures of Caroline and John

When the Robinsons were renovating their bathroom, they decided they didn’t want a bath anymore, so poor Caroline ended up at the city’s dump. The truth is that, in the beginning, she actually enjoyed her new home, as she made lots of new friends: old TVs, broken computers and chairs, pieces of this and that etc. They had long conversations and everyone had something interesting to tell about their own experiences. The only problem was that at some point Caroline started missing the water. She felt thirsty, she felt too dry, she really missed the softness of the water.

Caroline went to talk about her pains to a good friend, John, the circus tent, and discovered that he too had some longings: he missed the kids and travelling around the world. They talked and talked and in the end they had a plan, they would sail together over the oceans! Very excited, they asked an old wheelbarrow for help, who took them to the shore and waved good bye to them with a dirty cloth.

Caroline was the boat and John was the sail, how wonderful it was to be on the sea! They quickly learned sailing skills, and spent years travelling around the world. On one trip, though, a storm caught them. It shook them, it threw them everywhere, it almost drowned them! They were trying to hold firm, but a gigantic wave lifted them as high as a mountain, and then dashed them against a rock.

When they finally recovered, Caroline, who was flooded with sea water and full of fishes, realized that she was stuck to the rock. They looked at each other, not knowing what to do.

“I can’t sail anymore”, she said eventually.

John, who had seen all sorts of things during their trips, soon had an idea. He put himself up over Caroline, again as a circus tent, but now full of holes and with an open entrance. On top of the entrance, he asked a seagull to write with its dropping in brilliant white: AQUARIUM.

Nowadays, John is always full of children again, who come to see Caroline’s fishes, and Caroline is always wet. Both love living beside the sea.

Illustrated by Yara Kono

It’s getting really exciting, seeing my mini stories illustrated by different illustrators! And I’m very lucky: besides having friends who illustrate, I’m finding such nice people and talented illustrators on the internet. It has now occurred to me that it would be a good idea to introduce them. Actually, I thought the best idea would be to have them introduce themselves. So, here we go…

The illustrator, by herself:

Yara Kono was born in Brazil in 1972. She started her first doodles on the wall of a small room, and her mother, who initially wasn’t at all happy, ended up ceding her a whole wall for drawing. Now she lives in Portugal and keeps on drawing, but these days on paper (and not only that). She is part of the team of the graphic design studio/publisher Planeta Tangerina.